• Trig Spark – A Jewelry Brand That Inspires & Empowers

    Trig Spark – A Jewelry Brand That Inspires & Empowers
    Everything You Need To Know In today’s world, women need something they can rely on – something they can depend on, and something they can use to empower them to feel and look their very best. From the latest fashion trends and newest design styles to the most beautiful accessories and timeless jewelry pieces, we express ourselves through the clothes that we wear and...
  • Investing In You

    Investing In You
    Because You Deserve The World Life can be a challenging place to navigate from time to time. It can be difficult to keep ourselves in mind when we’re running around doing something different nearly every hour of the day. From getting ourselves and our families ready for the day in the morning, trudging to work either in the car, on the train, or down...
  • The Argument For Affordable Jewelry

    The Argument For Affordable Jewelry
    Don’t Be Afraid To Save There is a curious misconception within the world of fashion and jewelry that if your jewelry pieces didn’t cost an arm and a leg to acquire, then you have clearly degraded the value of your outfit, your look, or even your character. We’d like to fill you in on a little secret – that most certainly just isn’t the...
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