Elizabeth Taylor & Her Love For Jewelry

A One of A Kind Personality

Celebrities are known for their fashion, their jewelry, and their eccentric personalities. However, there is none other than Elizabeth Taylor who helped to usher in a new era of fashion and accessories during her time as one of the world’s most popular actresses, businesswomen, and humanitarians. Elizabeth Taylor was notorious for her sense of style, her keen eye for exciting and elegant fashion, and her love for jewelry and pieces that made a statement. As one of our true heroes, we are going to revisit her knack for fine jewelry and take a deep dive into a bit of what she is known for.

Who Is Elizabeth Taylor?

If you aren’t entirely familiar, Elizabeth Taylor was, perhaps, one of the most popular celebrities in Hollywood during the 1950s and onward. She was born in 1932 in the suburbs of London, and made her way to the US as a child, where she began her career as a child actress during the 1940s. With a natural beauty, a natural talent, and a wonderful personality that was certainly compelling for her age, she quickly rose through the ranks of Hollywood and utterly stole the show.

By the time the 1950s rolled around, the world was on the upswing. The devastating effect of World War II had began to wear off, and the film industry was turning actors and actresses into fashion icons. Elizabeth Taylor was one such person – and her fashion sense today continues to leave people like us mesmerized.

Her Fashion Journey

Elizabeth Taylor was someone who understood just how to accessorize every and any outfit she had in her wardrobe. Her Bulgari jeweled hair accessories would make a statement at any film festival she attended, along with her stunning and legendary set of emeralds from Cartier. From there, her diamonds continue to inspire awe in every photo where she dons them.

Her jewelry collections remains one of the most extensive, comprehensive, and luxurious collection to ever exist. A simple Google search would reveal just how varied her collection was. Much of her collection came at the hands of her former partner, Richard Burton, whom she married twice.

She described Richard as someone who never shied away from an opportunity to gift her a piece of jewelry – and with so many different events, festivals, and premiers to attend, it was fortunate for fans that we have the photographic documentation to marvel at each and every piece!

A Jewelry Legend

Elizabeth Taylor was known for many things throughout her long life, but her status as a jewelry legend is something that remains one of the most prized possessions of fashion history. Her style was impeccable, and her love and respect for each and every piece in her collection is something that nearly every woman can relate to. Her natural beauty shined through each piece, just like it does for all of us.

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