The Many Different Roles of Today’s Women

Celebrating Each Role With Different Jewelry Pieces

From day to day, we find ourselves in different roles – especially as women. In the morning, we might be the working mom doubling as a parent for our children, making their breakfast, preparing their lunch, taking care of the pets, and getting everyone ready for the day – all while getting ourselves together to catch the train to work! During the day, we’re the working professional, talking to clients, attending meetings, and catching up with coworkers. At the end of the day, we return home to enjoy some family time and some relaxation. And then, when the weekends roll around, we might find ourselves at the work function, out and about with friends, attending a family barbecue, or spending some time all on our own!

Life is full of many different moments from day to day, and within each moment, we have a different role. It’s important to celebrate each and every role with different jewelry pieces, so that we can showcase our identity each and every day.

Each Role Is Its Own

Remember, each role that we have to play comes with it’s own style, it’s own outfit, and it’s own jewelry. Embracing the right style, the right outfits, and the right jewelry pieces is key to taking on whatever role you might find yourself in.

For example, your professional role might include more business attire – even if it’s considered business-casual. This means that your jewelry will need to reflect it too! Go for simple and subtle necklaces and earrings that highlight your outfit, but don’t overpower it. The last thing you want is to make a big statement in the office with a bold style choice – instead, keep things simple and professional.

What about the rock concert that you’re planning to attend on Friday night? For that role, you might want to consider something a bit more fun, trendy, and edgy. For instance, that pair of ripped jeans, the old t-shirt, and a big statement necklace that brings in a pop of color would certainly be called for!

Then when it’s time for your cousin’s wedding, going with something elegant, luxurious, and timeless is always a good choice. Perhaps your fancy pair of diamond earrings, or the big, beautiful pearl necklace that you can use to accent your gown?

You see, every moment in life requires a different look, a different style, and different accents to bring out that style even more. However, with every change in look, you want to make sure that you’re staying true to who you are – because an authentic woman is a confident woman.

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