Green Agate Stone Long Necklace
WHY DO WE LOVE IT : This dangling necklace is made from luminous Agate stones and an 18-karat Gold plated ball. This string is for those women who like staying minimal and want jewelry that is not too bold. Made...
$970.00 $697.00
Rich Gold Jewelry Set
WHY DO WE LOVE IT : A hand made, to-die-for rich gold jewelry set, with a unique design. This matching link necklace, bracelet and ring with a hint of blossom is strikingly contrasted by the oval earrings. Made up of...
$2,915.00 $1,625.00
Gold-plated 22 Karats Heavy Three-String Necklace
WHY DO WE LOVE IT: This statement necklace speaks for itself. Made from a Silver base and plated with 22-karat Gold, the three-strand necklace can brighten up any attire. The intricate design is an example of our exceptional craftsmanship; each...
$1,209.00 $819.00
Silver and Seed Plant Pearls Necklace
WHY DO WE LOVE IT: Our dragon head pearl necklace is made from Silver and radiant seed plant pearls. Strings of pearls are twisted together to give a contemporary look and are fastened with a dragon head clasp. To further...
$1,697.00 $1,273.00
Rhodium-plated Three-Chain Emerald and Cubic Zirconia Necklace
WHY DO WE LOVE IT: Our Rhodium-plated delicate necklace comprises of three light strings that join at the center Emerald stone. The beautiful green color of Emerald and the radiance of the Cubic Zirconia present around it make this necklace...
$460.00 $392.00
Five-Strand Sea Pearl and Gold-plated Necklace and Earrings Set
WHY DO WE LOVE IT: For all the pearl fans out there, this necklace is for them. Made with seed plant pearls and gold plated balls, this three-strand long necklace is a must-have. The luminosity of the gold and radiance...
$1,190.00 $979.00
Emerald and 18-Karat Gold-Plated 5-Strand Necklace
WHY DO WE LOVE IT: Our five-strand attractive jade necklace is the perfect accessory for any event. The radiant green-colored balls coupled with a few gold-plated ones in each strand epitomize grace, elegance, and beauty. This statement piece has a...
$920.00 $795.00
Three-Strand Two-Tone Shell Pearl Necklace
WHY DO WE LOVE IT: Those who say diamonds are a girl’s best friend have not seen our sublime cultured pearls. This three-layered string is made from divine pearls which are modern, chic and classic. Having a Silver clasp, the...
$1,509.00 $1,178.00
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